Ari's HTML Attic

A zillion and one links to web pages that are still interesting, but not occupying much of my attention anymore, so I've moved them off my main web page.
  • PGP public key.
  • [out of date] Resume (postscript or HTML) and c.v. (HTML)
  • My info directory
    (If you're not in the CS department at Carnegie Mellon, this is probably useless to you.)
  • Links, links, and more links. Mostly organized. Probably mostly stale, too.
  • static_construct()
    How to get the constructors called on static objects in a C++ module that's dynamically loaded.
  • Quotes and poetry
  • Quotes about questions and answers
  • Some alternate definitions of "NP"
  • Mattbert comic strips #1 and #2 -- Dilberts that I edited to poke fun at Matt Conway back when we were dating.
  • Information about Mad Hatter Day and Regati, two holidays that are just plain fun!
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