Ari Rapkin

"Kinda geeky, kinda domestic -- basically, somewhere between Patrick and Martha Stewart."
-- Rob DeLine

"I'm something of an optimist, all things considered.
I've just learned that only hard roads lead to good places."
-- JMS

Not quite my list of Dream Jeopardy Categories,
but it's a good start...

Gravity Defiance
[Skydiving, Juggling, & more]
Is It Soup Yet?
[Food and Cooking]
Taking Care of Business
[Work, School, Resume]
[Extremely Long Hair]
Who Are You?
What Do You Want?

[Babylon 5]
The Evolution of the
North American Ari

[Photo Gallery]
My Baby Loves
A Bunch of Authors
[Music & Books -- coming soon]

My "attic"
old web pages that are no longer up-to-date or occupying much of my attention.

"Positive mutations" and amusing typos
I love playing with language
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